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Malabar Diagnostic Centre
A world free of diseases is a happy thought........ we may even go to the extent of calling it a Utopian dream.

But as they say, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The Once unfeasible dream of a healthy world has been actualized by physicians whom we reckon the ultimate in this respect. The Expertise of competent doctors pooled with the advent of ultra modern diagnostic technologies help heal ailments which were earlier labeled incurable. Hence, diagnostic centres perform an imperative part in the repair process.

Malabar Diagnostic Centre with this liability as its prime focus plunges into the noble stream with its fully automated technology ensuring fast results, Malabar Diagnostic Centre enjoys the company of qualified professionals who strictly aim at maintaining cent percent accuracy with zero technological and manual errors.


EM-200 Fully automated biochemistry analyzer from Erba - transasia (Germany) complete parameter for chemical biochemistry barcoded and automatically calibrated optional ISE with Na+, K+, CI- Li+
Erba Chem 5 Plus V2
semiauto analyzer From Erba – transasia ( Germany ) All routine clinical chemistries electrolytes coagulation and drug tests
All microbiological testsculture & sensitivity
Ultra sound scanning
3D / 4D, Thyroid Scanning
Vascular Sono-Imaging
Sono-Mammography, Targetted Anomaly Scan
Infertility Imaging, Musculo-Skeletal Imaging
In coordination with Hear-plus
pocH-100i -automated hematology analyzer from Sysmex-transasia ( Japan ) easy operation safe and precise results user-friendly operation superior system expandability
Beckman Coulter Access 2 Immunoassay System USA
World of health solace on Beckman Coulter's supreme quality Hormone testing technology. Beckman Coulter Hormone Analyser is yet another distinction of malabar. 100% accurate hormone test results in minutes.
Digital X-ray
Multiphos 15 & Polyskop 5
from Siemens (Germany) Less radiation, better image quality accurate output, self check high frequency technology
simultaneous 3channel ECG recording with 12 lead acquisition and auto summary
In coordination with Hear-plus
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